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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Dalton Community Association Trustees meeting 5.00pm by Zoom 25th February 2021

1)Attendance:S Nott, B Doughty, B Ryninks, V Robinson, S Johnson, N Perie, R Creer, D Ward, I Maddox, B Shirley, A Thurlow, G Smith,

The following Centre Users also attended the meeting:-
Kenny Brown - Army Cadets
Brenda Knight - U3A
Steve Jones - True Life Church
Jean Ashbury - Spiritualists
Marion Johnston - Rhythm Time

2)Apologies: R Willock, S Pyatt, D Brown,

3)Declaration of interests:
Steve Nott - Barrow Borough Council
Ben Shirley - Barrow Borough Council and Cumbria County Council
Nick Perie - Dalton Town Council
Ann Thurlow - Dalton Town Council

The Chairman, Barry Doughty welcomed the Centre users to the meeting.
The meeting convened early to discuss and approve the Chairmans Annual Report for the financial year 2019/2020
and the audited Annual Financial Statements for the same year. These documents were distributed to all Trustees prior to the meeting.
BD gave an overview of his Annual Report highlighting the activities that have taken place over the last 18 months.
NP proposed acceptance of the Chairmans Annual Report, seconded by SN.
BR gave an overview of the Annual Accounts and asked for comments.
NP proposed acceptance of the Audited Financial Statements, seconded by BD.
The meeting adjourned at 5.10 for the Annual General Meeting.
The meeting reconvened again at 5.30.

4)Minutes of the meeting:
held on zoom 21st January 2021 accepted as a true record. Proposed by DW and seconded by GS

5)Matters arising from the minutes: None

6)Approvement of payments:
Payments of HMIT, EyeCatching Signs, Baywind Energy and Petty Cash were made - in total £370.00 - Approved

7)Financial Report:
BR reported that the association financially broke even for the second month in a run.
A Furlough payment of £1097.00 has been received from HMRC.
The Spiritualists and True Life Church confirmed their commitment to the Association.

8)Building works: a. Solar Panels – Baywind will be putting solar panels on the flat Roof, at no capital cost to the association.
The reduction in the carbon footprint of the association, has been impressive.
b.Following a water leak at the Army Cadets, Home Assist have been in to investigate.The use of Bitchumen will probably solve the problem.
c.Pointing work has been carried out at the storage room. Two new vents will improve the air circulation.
d.Light sensitive switches will be installed in the Car Park fire exit and at the entrance to the Kings Own.

9)Library BD reported they he is currently awaiting the go ahead from Cumbria County Council.

10) Availability
BD reported that the main hall is available on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
Please inform BD if you are aware of any interest from organisations and/or dance groups.

11)The Family Centre will pay rent of £300 per month and Cumbria County Council will pay for storage facilities.

12)Staffing Staff remain on Furlough until further notice. BD is in regular contact with staff members.

13)SOA - Booking
SOA health and safety consultants based in Long Lane, will use the centre to provide training to BAE Systems
over 4 sessions during the period March to September. The sessions will be over 2 days at a cost of £600.00

14)Signal Films
NW Electricity provided a grant of £6060 towards the cost of light sensitive switches in the hall and toilets,
and 3 videos of one minute each. The first video has now been completed and the second video of 4 minutes tell the story of the hall.
There will not be a 3rd video and the videos will be on the website when completed.

15)Dalton Borderland Community Partnership
BD as Chair of the Dalton Borderland Community Partnership reported that £3m is available to improve the town centre.
Cumbria County Council (Alison Meadows) and Dalton Youth are involved.

(a)Cumbria County Council - £4.5k towards delivery of services for vulnerable people.
Age UK will deliver the project in Dalton through Selwyn Wright who delivers 22 meals a month to local residents.
(b)Government’s Business Retention Scheme – now closed - received £7539 towards the cost of loss of income
(c)Cooperative funding for holiday playschemes – awaiting payment
(d)Mirror Newspapers - No news
(e)Heritage Lottery Fund - Following discussions with Barrow Borough Council an application for £6.3k has been submitted.
A request to Dalton Town Council for £700 has been made and £300 from the Mayor’s charity fundraising,
totalling £7.3k will pay for a Book of Reflections
(f)Cumbria Community Foundation - A report has been submitted on the Furness Heartbeat project.

17)Date and time for the next meeting 5.30pm Thursday 25th March 2021 by Zoom
Zoom details to be forwarded nearer the time.