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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Minutes of the Trustee Meeting February 28th 2019 at the Dalton Community Centre at 5.30 pm

Present:Barry Doughty (BD) – Chair, Brian Ryninks (BR) Ian Maddox (IM), Deborah Brown (DB), Sue Johnson (SJ)
Gareth Smith (GS) Raymond Willock (RW), Ann Thurlow (AT),)Val Robinson(VR) Nick Perie, , Bailey Parrington (BP). Patricia Wilson (PW)

1.Apologies:Sharon Pyatt (SP), Dave Ward (DW) Martin McLeavey (MM)


3.Declaration of Interest: AT (BBC &DTC) NP (DTC)

4 Minutes of the meeting on 28th February 2019 The minutes accepted as correct.

5.Matters arising: No matters arising

6.Financial Approval of Payments:
February’s accounts had been distributed prior to the meeting and these were accepted by the Trustees.
Some large payments had been made in February which Trustees had previously approved, this included repair to the roof which cost £640.
The roofer has given an estimate to repair the whole flat roof estimate £14750. IM will be looking at getting another estimate.
BD has contacted WREN to see if they could contribute towards the roof costs.
The cost of replacing the roof may increase by £800 to include natural light fittings.
There will be separate spreadsheets for payments out from the Heritage Lottery Fund Project and the Peoples Project.

7.Financial Report (Treasurer)
Prior to the meeting, the Treasurer had emailed to Trustees, 3 months of financial accounts.
He mentioned that income was good in November/ January while December was a flat month.
He said that for the 1st time he was able to report that the deficit had been eradicated. BD mentioned an email that had been received from the Charity Commission (CC).
In December 2018 BR had noticed that there were incorrect figures of the DCA accounts on the CC website
and he asked BD to contact CC to correct this. Having done this, CC has sent an email questioning if DCA is a
trading organisation so could be liable for tax. BR will discuss this with the CC.

8.Budget Forecast 2018/19
BR advised Trustees that the monthly accounts he sent them, included a monthly budget showing the cash flow and variances.
BR would be looking to prepare a budget for 2019/20

9.Payments in:
Invoices totalling £2240 had been sent out on the 28th February for room hire, these invoices did not include the regular invoices
sent to Dancetazia, Police and Army Cadets

10.Building Work and Development:
The roof repairs had been discussed earlier.IM had continued to do small maintenance jobs around the building.
The drains had been cleared, freezer defrosted, new taps fitted in toilets and a new washbasin fitted in pantry.
A job for Trustees to plan for was looking at all the chairs and tables and ensuring they were safe.

11.Dalton Town Council Annual Report BD would prepare something for this annual report.

VR and DB have now gone through all DCA policies, making adjustments as needed. The policies now need the agreement of Trustees.
VR suggested it may be wise for DCA staff to read the policies, before being presented to Trustees. VR to send to PW
BD said that fire notices need to be put up on doors in the building.

13.Heritage Lottery Grant
The Drill Identity Project is going very well. Ron Creer is writing a book about the Drill Hall,
and there is going to be a Nelson Street School Reunion. BD mentioned the excellent mural that Hannah had put on the walls in the hall.
Some pupils from Dowdales would be going to visit Durham Military Museum, also the drama group are planning an interactive drama.
The project has its own website : drillhallidentity.co.uk
BD has attended a Heritage Lottery event in Carlisle, where the DCA project had been used as an example.
A Heritage Lottery team would be visiting DCA on March 6th to see the progress of the project.

14.Dalton Wishes
BD has been on a course to receive training in progressing the bid for this project.
The advisory group had done excellent work on social media to get interest in the project.
On March 6th Granada News would be visiting DCA to film activities in the centre.
The projects would be announced on the 28th March and voting would commence at 9 am on April 1st for 2 weeks.
During this period BW would be in shops and public place to advertise the project and there would be a lot of
activity on social media to ensure as many people as possible voted on the website: www.peopleproject.org.uk.
Postcard voting would be available for people who did not have internet access.
If the bid is successful, DCA would receive £48,000 even if unsuccessful DCA would still receive £5000.

15.Future Grants and Funding Bids:
The bid that GS had put into the Armed Forces had been unsuccessful, but the feedback was positive, and a future bid was possible.
GS would like Trustees to consider setting up a Saturday Breakfast Club for ex-military,
this could be part of Dalton Wishes project if successful.

16.Volunteer Co-ordinator Update:
BD reported that BW had recruited 2 volunteers, one of whom now helped out at the Film Club.

17.PR Marketing/New Bookings/ Social Media
New groups continue to book the centre, in March a Yoga class would be starting

18.Lock Up Needed 22nd March BD will lock up on this date as Bernard is away.

19.Date of Next Meeting:
Thursday 28st March 2019 at 5:30 pm