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Dalton Community Association Minutes


1.Attendance:B Doughty (Chair), B Ryninks, V Robinson, S Johnson, N Perie, R Creer, I Maddox, A Thurlow, G Smith, S Nott

2.Apologies:R Willock, D Brown, D Ward,

2.Declaration of interests:
Steve Nott - Barrow Borough Council
Nick Perie - Dalton Town Council
Ann Thurlow - Dalton Town Council

3.Minutes of the meeting:
held on zoom 25th February 2021 accepted as a true record. Proposed by RC and seconded by IM

4.Matters arising from the minutes: None

5.Approvement of payments:
The following payments were approved: £580.00 to Home Assist for roof repairs, £158.40 to HMRC and
£84.00 to Barrow Tools for a new door lock.Approved
Further payments were made to Drop Zone (£1,120.00) and Signal Films (£2,000.00) which is a part payment from the NW Electricity Grant.

6.Financial Report:
BR reported that the association financially broke even in March. £7,573.00 have been received from a Business Retention Grant,
£1,104 from the Co-op for chairs, £1994.00 for the Luncheon Club. The Holiday Play Group has been deferred. Additional income from the Business Retention Scheme have been adjusted and the first payment from the Co-op for the Playgroup amount to £963.26.
BR is currently awaiting a further bill for the cost of internet charges from IM.

7.New Proposals for the AGM 2020/21
BR is still awaiting a confirmation from the Auditor regarding an audit to be carried out in July/August.
The AGM will be in August/September. BR to confirm these dates.

8.Cumbria County Council
Cumbria County Council commissioned Family Action to set up a Childrens Centre at the DCA, on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/and Thursdays.
The CCC will pay for shelving in the outside cupboard as well as for two awnings outside.
It is recommended that Andrew liaise with Estates to start work immediately.
Currently the arrangement is for one year, but it is anticipated as an ongoing arrangement.CCC have arranged for Steele’s to do the moving in.

9.Building works:
IM has instal shelving and have moved things around. Currently pushing the Electrician for the lighting on Wellington Street
and the car park as well as at the front of the building. He would also be willing to adjust the doors and IM is currently awaiting a quote for this
work.Trustees were asked to help with some painting and emulsion work during April on a Saturday.

10.Availability Tuesday and Wednesday nights BD reported that enquiries are coming in, however mostly from non-payers.

11.New Booking – Hartbeeps are now a regular user of the centre on a Thursday

Groups will be returning at the end of April. Bernard will return on the 1st May to do the cleaning.
BD updated those present and said that PW will now be retiring on the 30th June 2021. Both PW and BW will return to work on the 1st June.
BD asked Trustees to approve a payment, in lieu of a leaving gift for PW of a month’s salary.
PW will hand-over to BW and BD will write to Smeaton’s to complete the Furlough claims at the end of May.
BW will be working 10 hours a week. Alison Meadows whilst dealing with the Borderlands project, will use the office.
VR asked that GDPR be adhered to.

13.Booking from SOA Dalton for bookings in conjunction with BAE – Now worth £600
SOA has now booked extra sessions to the value of £600. They carry out training at BAE Systems.

14.Signal Films
The videos have been circulated to Trustees and responses have been very complimentary. The videos have achieved the outcomes of the Grant.
These videos will be on the website and YouTube and Vimeo.

15.Hatfield Trust Grant
Due to the pandemic it has not been possible to fulfil the requirements of the £1,800.00 grant from the Hatfield Trust.
Following meeting with AgeUK they will now deliver the course one morning a week.

16)Dalton Borderland Community Partnership
This project is now making progress. BD is the Chair of the group. It consists of £3m capital fund.
The centre is seen as a contributor to the community.

(a)Cumbria County Council - £2.5k towards another book Reflections of Dalton. It will be a good resource for users to use.
(b)The Association need more updated IT equipment and a lockable cupboard for security.
These will be paid for through the Business Reduction Scheme. BD to obtain quotes. It will also help with the delivery of the IT programme.
(c)Cooperative funding for holiday playschemes - awaiting payment

18.Any Other Business IM reported as follows:
(a)The drain on the roof requires cleaning every three months.
(b)He is developing a booking form which will be helpful to BW
(c)An inventory of each room needs to be complete. The purchase of new items needs to be added to the inventory
(d)A monthly sheet for the testing of the Fire alarm to be developed. He suggested that Trustees get involved on a rota basis
(e)He is looking at procedures to do backups for the DCA

19.Date and time for the next meeting 5.30pm Thursday 29th April 2021 by Zoom
Zoom details to be forwarded nearer the time.