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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Minutes of the Trustee Meeting March 28th 2019 at the Dalton Community Centre at 5.30 pm

Present:Barry Doughty (BD) – Chair, Brian Ryninks (BR) Ian Maddox (IM), Sue Johnson (SJ) Gareth Smith (GS) Raymond Willock (RW),
Ann Thurlow (AT),)Val Robinson(VR) Nick Perie (NP),Patricia Wilson (PW)

Before the meeting Brenda Walker (BW) updated Trustees on the arrangements she had made for publishing The Peoples Project.
She needed volunteers to go to different sites and distribute leaflets.

1.Apologies:Sharon Pyatt(SP), Dave Ward(DW), Deborah Brown(DB), Bailey Parrington(BP)

2.Introduction:Non needed

3.Declaration of Interest: AT (BBC &DTC) NP (DTC)

4.Minutes of the meeting on 28th February 2019.The minutes were accepted as correct.

5.Matters arising: No matters arising

6.Financial Approval of Payments: March’s accounts had been distributed prior to the meeting and these were accepted by the Trustees.
Publicity flyers for The People’s Project cost £295, but BD advised that DCA would be receiving a donation of £200 towards this cost.
There would also be a website bill coming up for payment in April of £100, this was approved by Trustees.

7.Financial Report (Treasurer) Prior to the meeting, the Treasurer (BR) had emailed to Trustees, accounts for February accounts.
Treasurer reported that the accounts continued to a show surplus,
but that the current roof repairs would reverse such with Trustees having feared that these would be expensive at some stage.
BR noted that whereas he had made substantial progress on the cumulative variance analysis,
he had unfortunately not completed it but would present to the next meeting.
BR had sent to BD version 1 of a 2019/20 budget and he was now in the process of producing version 2 for the next meeting.
Referring back to the email received from the Charity Commission last month (CC) BR wondered if the issue had arisen
because on the accounts there was a heading “Trading” All current activities were in line with the objectives of the charity
and so should not attract tax.
BR said tax may however be considered in relation to the lunch club or film club although he doubted this
as there was no intention to profit but rather the hall was being used by the clubs for the benefit of the community,
in terms of the objectives of the charity and any revenue received was merely to cover expenses.
VR asked BR about the accounts for Company House. BR explained that there was no need for the main accounts to go to Company House
as the charity was not set up as a company but a trust.
The building had been transferred into the trust and a company had been set up for at the time but was dormant as it was not active,
and the trust owned the building.
VR queried why the building was only given a nil value in the accounts of the trust BR said this was because
the building was held by a trust at the historical cost of acquisition that was nil.
The Chair reported that a valuation had been received from the estate agents Ross valuing the building at £375,000
BD has had Ross’s Estate Agents in earlier in the month, they have valued the building at £375,000.

8.Payments in:Payments in are all up to date.

9.Building Work and Development:IM mentioned that the door to the car park was frequently left open.
It may be sufficient to get a new lock or a new door may be required. Any action would need to be passed by the fire brigade.

10.Dalton Town Council Annual Report BD had sent a report on behalf of DCA.

11.Governance.Martin McLeavy (MM) has resigned as Deputy Chair of DCA and Ben Shirley has resigned as a Trustee,
both due to other commitments. VR was nominated and accepted the post of Deputy Chair.
BS was Cumbria County Council representative on the Trustee Board, BD has asked BS if he could suggest a replacement from CCC.
BD suggested to Trustees that in recognition of the work MM had done at DCA,that a small gift be sent to him and his wife.
This was agreed by the Trustees.
IM brought to Trustees attention that in the kitchen were a collection of knives that could be used as weapons.
It was decided that all sharp knives be removed and that anyone booking the kitchen facilities
be advised they would need to bring their own.
Work was still ongoing with policies, VR would be meeting up with BD to finalise the policies and then after Trustees had approved them,
all Trustees would be issued with the policies on a flash drive.

12.Heritage Lottery Grant Team Visit BD reported that he had received very positive feedback from Heritage Lottery
after their visit in March.

13.Dalton Wishes BD reported that filming had taken place on March 6th and would be shown on Granada TV on Tuesday 2nd April.
BD believed everything was now in place, he mentioned how hard BW had worked to ensure maximum publicity for the project.

14.Future Grants and Funding Bids:BD was considering putting a bid into WREN for between £15,000 and £16,000 for a flat roof,
if this bid went in, Community Foundation could them be approached for match funding of 10.75% .
The application had to be in by June, with a decision by September.
NP suggested other sources of funding including The Postcode Lottery and Furness Building Society.

15.Volunteer Co-ordinator Update:BW has been working hard on The Peoples Project over the last month.
Once this project was successful, she would continue to recruit volunteers.

16.PR Marketing/New Bookings/ Social Media New groups continue to book the centre, including a new education provider Sandside.

17.Date of Next Meeting:Thursday 25th April 2019 at 5:30 pm