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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Minutes of the Trustee Meeting April 25th 2019 at the Dalton Community Centre at 5.30 pm

Present:Barry Doughty(BD) – Chair, Brian Ryninks(BR) Ian Maddox(IM) Sue Johnson(SJ) Deborah Brown(DB)
Gareth Smith(GS) Raymond Willock(RW) )Val Robinson(VR) Nick Perie(NP) Bailey Parrington(BP) Patricia Wilson(PW)

1 Apologies:Sharon Pyatt (SP) Dave Ward (DW) Ann Thurlow (AT)

2.Introduction:Non needed

3.Declaration of Interest NP (DTC)

4.Minutes of the meeting on 28th March 2019 The minutes were accepted as correct.

5.Matters arising The Chair thanked everyone who helped out on the People Project,
Brenda Walker (Volunteer CO Ordinator) did a very good job arranging publicity in different locations across Barrow & Dalton.

6.Financial Approval of Payments:April’s accounts had been distributed prior to the meeting and these were accepted by the Trustees.
The Chair advised that there were some big payments coming up. The cost of covering the wall drawings with perspex came too £1132.20,
this cost will be met from The Drill Hall Identity budget.
Also, from the Drill Hall Identity budget will be an interim payment to Ron Creer for the book he is writing for the project.
This will be for £700. A new roof has been put in by Andrew Jackson to provide a store room, this will cost £2200,
he has also estimated it will cost £500 to provide new flooring in the store room. Trustees approved all these payments.

7.Financial Report (Treasurer) Before the meeting the Treasurer had sent March accounts to all Trustees.
He reported that March was a flat month, nothing of substantial interest having taken place.
The Treasurer had also sent all Trustees a draft 2019/20 budget and cumulative variance analysis for second half of 2018/19.
He suggested that Trustees reads these and bring any questions regarding them to the next meeting.
The Treasurer asked that he be sent the valuation from Ross, PW to send this to him.

8.Payments in: Payments in are all up to date.

9.Building Work and Development:The work on the store room roof has been completed.
The builder who did the work also fixed the door into the carpark free of charge.
The Army Cadets have helped with decorating in the store room.
Once new flooring is put in the store room there will be valuable storage space.

10.Governance.As 2 Trustees have recently resigned there is a need for new Trustees.
The Chair suggested that Ron Creer be approached to become a Trustee, this was agreed by Trustees.

11.Dalton Wishes This has been unsuccessful; one reason might be that older people who would have voted for the project
did not have access to a computer and each project were only allowed 300 voting postcards.
Also, the period for voting coincided with school holidays in Furness so missing out on support from schools.
The National Lottery has advised DCA that they can apply for a grant of up to £5000,
this application has to be similar to the original bid and be a “stand alone” project.
The Chair suggested to the Trustees that the project be a gardening project working with young people from Drop Zone
and increasing the hours of the Volunteer Co Ordinator, to provide support. This was agreed by Trustees.

12.Future Grants and Funding Bids: There was a need for a new flat roof. The Chair proposed approaching WREN
to ask for a grant of up to £15,000 to obtain a fiberglass roof with expansion joints.
The bid needed to be match funded by 10.75% and the Chair would be approaching Cumbria Community Foundation for this match funding.
Both these proposals were approved by Trustees.

13.Volunteer Co-ordinator Update:The Volunteer Co-ordinator has continued to actively seek volunteers.
It had been noted that a number of people coming to events, then began to help out at these events ie cleaning tables,
these people may be willing to become DCA volunteers.

14.PR Marketing/New Bookings/ Social Media. The DCA is becoming more active on social media, including Twitter.
New booking are coming in all the time, the calendar is very full, on some days every room in the building is in use.
The Chair reminded Trustees that when an event such as the Film Club is on, there is a need for support from Trustees in helping at the event.

15.Date of Next Meeting:Thursday 30th May 2019 at 5:30 pm