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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Minutes of the Trustee Meeting May 30th 2019 at the Dalton Community Centre at 5.30 pm

Present:Barry Doughty (BD) – Chair, Brian Ryninks (BR) Ian Maddox (IM), Ann Thurlow (AT) Gareth Smith (GS)
Raymond Willock (RW), )Dave Ward (DW) Ron Creer (RC) , Bailey Parrington (BP) Patricia Wilson (PW)

1.Apologies:Sharon Pyatt (SP), Nick Perie (NP) , Deborah Brown (DB) Sue Johnson(SJ) Val Robinson (VR)

2.Introduction:The Chair introduced and welcomed Ron Creer who has agreed to become a new Trustee

3.Declaration of Interest RC (Financial interest in Dalton Drill Hall History project) AT ( Dalton Town Council)

4.Minutes of the meeting on 25th April 2019.The minutes were accepted as a true record.

5.Matters arising The Chair reported that a successful bid for £5000 had been made to The People’s Project.

6.Financial Approval of Payments:Mays accounts had been distributed prior to the meeting and these were accepted by the Trustees.
The Chair said that a large payment to R Forrest Ltd was due to pay for electrical work in new storeroom, this was approved by Trustees.

7.Financial Report (Treasurer)Before the meeting the Treasurer had sent April accounts to all Trustees.
There had been a small loss this month of £310, due to the cost of the roof in the new storeroom.
The Treasurer invited questions re April accounts but there were none The Treasurer suggested that the AGM be in.
September,this was agreed by Trustees.
A discussion followed regarding investing some of DCA cash in an interest paying bank account.
The Treasurer proposed that he investigate the Charity Aid Foundation Bank and report back to Trustees.
The Treasurer had emailed the Charity Commission regarding the use of the word “Trading” in the Annual Report,
but to date had received no reply. He would continue to try and resolve the issue.

8.Payments in:Payments in are all up to date

9.Building Work and Development:The new store room has been designated as a communal store room,
the other store room will be controlled by DCA.
IM has created a chart, which will go in the store room, showing the lay out of rooms,
this will assist Trustees when they are putting out tables and chairs.
The new police sign is up outside. The solar panels readings are on target.
The roof in the East Wing is leaking badly, while it can be patched up as a temporary measure, eventually a new roof will be needed.

10.Governance.WR is still working on DCA policies.once completed they will be put on flash drives and given to each Trustee. At present DCA is short of a representative from CCC. BBC will nominate a Borough Councillor from Dalton South.
The Town Council will be having a meeting shortly to decided on their representative.

11.Dalton Wishes The £5000 secured would be used for the gardening project which will now commence with Drop Zone
being the lead organisation. The Vol Co Ordinator will be allocated a further 3 hours a week for 41 weeks per year for further recruitment.

12.Future Grants and Funding Bids:A bid is going into WREN for a new roof. The cost will be £14750.
WREN state that 10.75% of the total must come from another source, Dalton Town Council has been approached for this amount.
WREN also insist that £1500 is given to a subsidiary of theirs linked to the Government
A bid has gone into the Co Op, to ensure the continuation of the lunch clubs.
Another bid has gone to the Hadfield Trust, to provide funding to have training sessions in the computer room,
3 hours a week for 15-18 months, a drop-in service. In addition to 3-6 courses for IT training.
The grant would pay the tutor’s fees.
There is a need for match funding for this project so a bid has gone into Neighbourhood Forum for £1500
BR thanked BD for all his hard work.

13.Volunteer Co-ordinator Update:
BW is now back from leave and looking to recruit new volunteers, there is a need for more male volunteers.

14.PR Marketing/New Bookings/ Social Media
New bookings continue to come in. DCA is busy on social media. BP is responsible for Intergram, IM for Facebook
and Emma from CCC helps BD with the Twitter account.
AT had raised the issue of surplus equipment in the kitchens. BP is at present making an inventory of all the equipment
in the kitchen upstairs, but there is a need to tidy up and manage all the equipment in all three kitchens.
AT would oversee a clean-up of the kitchens on the morning of Saturday 15th.
If any Trustees can help , please let Patricia know by Thursday 13th June.

15.Date of Next Meeting Thursday 27th June 5:30 pm