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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Minutes of the Trustee Meeting 26th June 2019 at the Dalton Community Centre at 5.30 pm.

Present:Barry Doughty(BD) – Chair, Val Robinson(VR), Gareth Smith(GS) Raymond Willock(RW), Dave Ward(DW) Ron Creer(RC)
Bailey Parrington(BP) Brenda Walker(BW).

1.Apologies:Brian Ryninks(BR), Ian Maddox(IM), Sharon Pyatt(SP), Nick Perie(NP), Deborah Brown(DB), Sue Johnson(SJ)
Patricia Wilson(PW), Steve Knox(SK),

2.Introduction:The Chair introduced the new trustee Ron Creer to trustees who had not been able to attend the previous meeting.

3.Declaration of Interest RC(Financial interest in Dalton Drill Hall History project) AT (Dalton Town Council)

4.Minutes of the meeting on 30th May 2019 The minutes were accepted as a true record.

5.Matters arising The Chair reported that we had received the £5000 from The People’s Project.

6.Financial Approval of Payments:Financial payments approved.

7.Financial Report (Treasurer) Due to the absence of the Treasurer (BR) the financial report will be discussed at the July meeting.
The chair reported that there had been an emergency payment of £230 due to the ceiling leak in the East Wing.
Payment of £700 to Drop Zone, Petty cash for Stationary and stamps, and HMRC has been paid.

8.Payments in:Payments in are all up to date

9.Building Work and Development:BD There are ongoing jobs that can be done during the quieter times this summer
and to save on maintenance plastic boarding would be the better.
BD discussed the opportunity of a joint notice board to be displayed in main street in Dalton where local organisations
could advertise what’s on.BD thanked the trustees for their help on the kitchen clean up day.
RC took unwanted items to support local refugees.

10.Governance BD and WR will arrange to meet and discuss finalising DCA policies.
BD Announced that the fire notices have now gone up and the fire extinguishers have been serviced.
BD announced that there was a new notice board in the entrance for DCA items only,
and it was agreed that all notice boards needed to be changed regularly BW will look at address this.

11.Dalton Wishes.The garden project is now underway and the Vol Co coordinator has started her new hours.

12.Future Grants and Funding Bids: The funding for the East Wing Roof, Wren has requested further information.
I.T.Course, Applications to Hadfield Trust and Cumbria County Council Application to the Francis C Scott Trust for 2 year salary for PW.

13.Volunteer Co-ordinator Update:BW Is prioritising promotion of the three main areas where we need volunteers,
and is organising poster boards and outside events.GS will send information on the Barrow Men’s Group to BW.

14.PR Marketing/New Bookings/ Social Media.New bookings continue to come in.
DCA is busy on social media as it is important to the centre that we use the social media knowledge available to us.

15.Dalton Community Organisation Partnerships. Furness Literature society wants to get together with Dalton Community groups with the possibility of a joint funding application
to provide a notice board in the centre of Dalton.they are planning on meeting quarterly

Date of Next Meeting Thursday 25th July 5:30pm

It was agreed that there would not be a Trustee Meeting in August.