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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Minutes of the Trustee Meeting 25th July 2019 at the Dalton Community Centre at 5.30 pm.

Present:Val Robinson (VR), Raymond Willock (RW), Dave Ward (DW) Brian Ryninks (BR) Nick Perie (NP) Patricia Wilson (PW)

1.Apologies:Barry Doughty (BD) ,Ian Maddox (IM), Deborah Brown (DB) Sue Johnson(SJ)) , Steve Nott (SN) Gareth Smith (GS) Ron Creer (RC)

2.Introduction:None needed

3.Declaration of Interest None

4.Minutes of the meeting on 30th May 2019
NP was at the meeting of the 26th June this was noted; the minutes were otherwise accepted as a true record.

5.Matters arising : The discussion of a joint community noticeboard is ongoing.
BD and VR have met and are in the process of discussing DCA policies. The bid to the Hadfield Trust for £1800 has been successful.
There will be a meeting with Cumbria County Council to discuss them providing training courses from Sept 2019, at DCA

6.Financial Approval of Payments: Before the meeting, Trustees had been sent payments out for July, these were accepted at the meeting

7.Financial Report.Before the meeting, the Treasurer had sent to all Trustees the accounts for May/June.
He stated that during this period there was little to report, the accounts were showing an £8000 surplus at present.
He asked if there were any questions, but none were forthcoming.

8.Payments in:Payments in are all up to date

9.Building Work and Development: IM and DW were thanked for the work they had carried out in the building in July.
There has been a lot of work around the entrance hall and Brenda Walker has produced a display
there to improve the profile of the organisation. The new storeroom roof had leaked, the roofer has been contacted.
There is a birdís nest above the entrance hall and the birds are making mess at the front of the building,
but nothing can be done while the nest is there.

10.Governance BD and WR met to discuss a range of policies concentrating on Health & Safety and Fire.
This included lone working, BD was arranging staff appraisals during which how to ensure the safety of lone workers will be discussed.
The fire alarms will need to be tested weekly, how to do this is now being looked at by BD, Pw and IM.
In the entrance hall near to the fire alarm is a map of the fire zones alongside a list of groups in the building.
A concern is how to establish who is in the building in the event of a fire.
The weekly list of DCA users is now up in the entrance hall as information for the fire brigade,
but this does not address the issue of people in the library in the event of a fire. BD has asked the Library for guidance on this.
PAT testing is due in 2020, NP said there would be a need to check that items acquired after 2015, had been tested.
Once all the policies have been read and agreed with Trustees, they will be put on DCA website.
Also, BD had arranged a meeting with DCA user groups on Wednesday September 4th to explain DCA policies and talk over any issues they may have

11.Future Grants and Funding Bids: As mentioned previously the bid to the Hadfield Trust has been successful.

12.Volunteer Co-ordinator Update:
BW is continuing to try and recruit volunteers as well as ensuring the notice board is up to date.

13.PR Marketing/New Bookings/ Social Media Hannah will be producing more line drawings on the walls in the main hall to publicise the Drill Hall Identity Project.
The book written for the project will be launched on the 2nd November.
A potential booking for speed awareness training had failed because of the lack of parking near the centre.
DW wondered if it would be possible for DCA to get parking space for two vehicles.

14.Dalton Community Organisation Partnerships. This is ongoing and will involve regular meetings with community partners.

15 AOB. DW asked about borrowing tables for the Tour de Furness, PW to check with IM.
A 50-inch TV had been donated to DC and was in the East Wing. NP was arranging publicity for this.
Volunteers were needed to help with the Film Club on Friday 26th July

Date of Next Meeting Thursday 25th Sept 5:30 pm There is no meeting in August.