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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Minutes of the Trustee Meeting 27th September 2019 at the Dalton Community Centre at 5.30pm.

Present: Barry Doughty (BD) – Chair, Val Robinson (VR), Brian Ryninks (BR) Ian Maddox (IM), Ann Thurlow (AT), Raymond Willock (RW),
Ron Creer (RC), Nick Perie (NP), Deborah Brown (DB),

1.Apologies: Patricia Wilson (PW), Sharon Pyatt (SP), Sue Johnson (SJ), David Ward (DW), Steve Nott (ST).

2.Introduction: None needed

3.Declaration of Interest RC (Financial interest in Dalton Drill Hall History project)
AT(Dalton Town Council) NP(Dalton Town Council).

4.Minutes of the meeting on 25th July 2019 The minutes were accepted as a true record.

5.Matters arising: BR asked about the £1800 for the Computer Project, BD explained that Cumbria County Council instructors
need a minimum of 10 people as it is a certified programme and it would cost £3,300 for the complete project.
BR reported that the surplus showing in the May/June accounts was £6,000 not £8,000.
BD introduced The Jobs to Do Project, which are general maintenance work needed at the Centre.
VR pointed out that it the kitchen sort out, still showing to be done, had already been done,
VR also queried the problem with the cooker in the main kitchen,
IM & BW reported that the oven is not coming on straight away there seems to be a problem with the timings.
There has not been a meeting with The Dalton Partnership yet.

6.Financial Approval of Payments:
The accounts had been distributed prior to the meeting and these were accepted by the Trustees.
The Chair said that a payment for £460 had been made for the replaced window at the rear of the building.

7.Financial Report (Treasurer)
Before the meeting the Treasurer had sent the accounts to all Trustees. There had been a good surplus from the two months,
he asked if there were any questions, but none were forthcoming.

8.Payments in:Payments in are all up to date.The solar panels should exceed 10,000 kWh

9.Building Work and Development:
BD reported that we have been awarded £14,000 from the Landfill Group for the replacement of the flat roof in the East Wing,
we may have to contribute an additional £1,500, and the funder requires us to provide three quotes for the work.
Once the roof has been done Barry asked for people to help with the painting.
The storage cupboard has now been completed.

BD announced that the we were close to having all Policies completed,
the Fire Regulatiions is done and the fire alarms are checked on a regular basis,
Barry also reported that the annual fire equipment check had been done that day.
VR is just to finish a couple of the policies and it was agreed that it would be better to combine the Adult and Children’s policy.
Trustees will receive a copy of all the policies on a stick and the mail GDP policy will be put on our web site.

10.Dalton Wishes.Drop Zone have the project in hand.

12.Future Grants and Funding Bids:
Dalton Town Council £430
Neighbourhood Fund £1,500
Hadfield Trust £1,800 for adult computer training
Cumbrian Co-op - should hear soon
Cumberland Building Society - Application sent for 2-3 yrs lunch club funding.
Francis C Scott - Application for £10,500 for several projects, 2yr Youth Project also the Garden Project.
BD Thanked NP for getting the donation of a Tv, for the East Wing.
NP advised Barry that the People Post Code Lottery applications are open, they will meet to discuss the application.

13.Volunteer Co-ordinator Update:
BW is continuing the promotion of volunteers and held a promotional day at the Dalton Co-op this month
and is hopeful for a place at the CVS volunteer fair in November.
BW also reported that she had arrange a Christmas Craft Fair in the centre for the 1st December, stalls are £10,
Father Christmas is booked, and asked for raffle prizes.

14.PR Marketing/New Bookings/ Social Media BD was disappointed that there was not a lot of activity on Instagram.
BD announced that the Centre has been nominated by the council for the South Cumbria Awards for Community Groups
and we have received two tickets for the presentation night, Barry and Ian will attend.

15.Users Meeting
BD reported that the meeting went well, minutes of the meeting were forwarded to all trustees,
it highlighted risk assessments and we have prepared a form that will be given to all users.

A confidential paper was shared will Trustees present, Noted no action.
Chairman’s report was accepted, and it will put on our web site as a draft.
BR- A draft set of Accounts will be sent to Trustees prior to the next meeting which is the AGM.

Date of Next Meeting.AGM Thursday 31st October 5:30 pm