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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Minutes of the Trustee Meeting 31st October 2019 at the Dalton Community Centre at 5.30pm

Present: Barry Doughty (BD) Chair, Val Robinson (VR), Brian Ryninks (BR) Ian Maddox (IM), Ann Thurlow (AT)
Raymond Willock (RW), Ron Creer (RC) , Nick Perie (NP) , Gareth Smith (GS)

1.Apologies:Sue Johnson (SJ), David Ward (DW) Deborah Brown (DB), B Parrington (BP) Steve Nott (ST)

2.Introduction: None needed

3.Declaration of Interest RC (Financial interest in Dalton Drill Hall History project) AT (Dalton Town Council) NP (Dalton Town Council).

4.Minutes of the meeting on 27th Sept 2019
Item 12 The funding bid to Dalton Town Council should have said 1430 pounds not 430 pounds. Rest of minutes accepted as a true record.

5.Matters arising
RE the computer project BD had met with the WEA who were interested in the project.
WEA are looking to have a presence in the south of the county. WEA may be coming into the centre in January to run computer courses.
3 Quotes had been received for replacing the flat roof, the cheapest was from a local tradesman, that was accepted,
and work should start in December.
Governance policies have all been updated and put on pen drives to be given to Trustees. There are hard copies on DCA computers.
Trustees need to arrange a meeting to go through the policies.
A booking form is being produced to be given out when bookings are made in the Town Hall.
The form will have booking details on including times to pick up keys, a need to clean and take away rubbish, and risk assessment.
On December 1st DCA are holding a craft fair in the centre to fund raise and Trustees are asked to help out on the day if possible.

6.Financial Approval of Payments:The accounts had been distributed prior to the meeting and these were accepted by the Trustees.

7.Financial Report (Treasurer)
Before the meeting the Treasurer had sent the accounts to all Trustees. He explained that there was little to report
regarding finances but would take questions from Trustees, there were none.

8.Review and approval of annual accounts of the dormant company
These had been sent to Trustees prior to meeting. These were approved at the meeting by Trustees

9.Review and approval of Annual Accounts of DCA These had been sent to Trustees before the meeting for Trustees to examine.
The Treasurer asked if there were any questions. There were none and the accounts were approved.

10.Payments in These were all up to date,

11. Building Work and Development.New pictures have been put up in the reception area.
A new window has been fitted in the Quaterermaster stores. The East Wing has been cleaned and painted and the ceiling repaired.
The storeroom has been sorted and Hannah Willet (HW) has completed work in the Hall. Still awaiting an estimate for new lighting in the Hall
BD that there had been an issue with young people behaving in an anti-social way in the library of an evening.
He had discussed this with the Library, and it had been decided to alter the Library opening hours to 8am – 6pm to see if this helped

12.Governance BD suggested that a special meeting be arranged for Trustees to look at governance issues,
including polices, regular jobs around the building and attendance of Trustees.
VR asked could Trustees be sent a list of key codes, PW to send these to Trustees.
If Trustees wished to do what work still needed to be done around the building , IM had an up to date job sheet.

13.Future Grants and Funding Bids.
£1438 has been received from Cumbria Foundation The Kipling Fund , this is a two year grant to fund the Lunch Club
£1500 has been received from CCC Neighbourhood Fund to provide computer courses.
DCA has been selected by the Co Op for their community project. If a Co Op member nominates DCA ,
then every time they buy a Co Op product DCA will receive 1%.
DCA are looking to produce a leaflet to encourage people to become members of the Co Op and nominate DCA.
A bid has gone into the Police and Crime Commission to fund a detached youth worker for 2 years to help tackle anti-social behaviour.
The bid is for £4300 to employ 2 youth workers for 2 hours one night a week to engage with young people.
DropZone would provide the youth workers and invoice DCA.
A bid has gone into Francis C Scott to fund a youth worker for 2 nights a week.
Electricity North West have a project for energy conservation, a grant has gone to install energy saving lights.
The grant to replace the flat roof of £14750 will not be paid until the work has been completed.
BD is organising an event in Spring 2020 at the centre. It will be a concert with the Barrow Male Voice Choir,
tickets will be sold and there will be a raffle. To be a success , Trustees will need to get involved.
BD showed Trustee postcards depicting the artwork on show in DCA. The postcards will be for sale at £1 each.

14.Volunteer Co Ordinator
Brenda continues to actively seek volunteers as well as being involved in other DCA activities

15.PR Marketing, New Bookings, Social Media
Events at DCA are constantly being updated on DCA Facebook page. Trustees were asked to look at these and comment on them to get more publicity.
Trustees then congratulated BD and IM on receiving the Community Award on the 11th October.

Date of Next Meeting Thursday 28th November at 5:30 pm