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Dalton Community Association Minutes

Minutes of the Trustee Meeting held on the 17th December 2019 at the Dalton Community Centre at 5.30 pm

Present:Barry Doughty (BD) – Chair, Sue Johnson (SJ) ,Raymond Willock (RW),) Ann Thurlow (AT) Patricia Wilson (PW)

1.Apologies:Val Robinson(VR) , Brian Ryninks(BR) ,Nick Perie(NP) ,Gareth Smith (GS) ,Dave Ward (DW), Deborah Brown(DB),
Bailey Parrington (BP) Ron Creer (RC)

2.Introduction:None needed

3.Declaration of Interest AT (Dalton Town Council)

4.Minutes of the meeting on 28th November 2019:These were accepted as a true record.

5.Matters arising.The Annual Return is now on the Charity Commission website.
The builder will be going ahead with the new roof when the weather is acceptable, the builder will also clear out the front gutters.
Trustees can now pledge online to support DCA as the CO OP local charity. By doing so 1% of all COOp purchases is given to DCA.
The grant of £5500 has now been received from Francis C Scott Trust. BD & SJ have met to discuss how best to develop the project.
A bid has gone into the Lottery for a grant of £1000, given to celebrate 25 years of lottery funding.
The Drill Hall Identity Project has been extended until April 2020, RC is continuing to research and write the book about the Drill Hall.
A quote has been received to fit Solar Panels to the rest of the roof.
It would cost £24,000 but if funding can be obtained it would benefit the building.

6.Financial Approval of Payments:
These had been sent to Trustees prior to the meeting for their consideration and were all approved.

7.Financial Report (Treasurer)
The Treasurer had sent his apologises to the meeting, saying that the November 2019 accounts would be presented at the January meeting

8.Payments In.All up to date.

9.Building Work
Statley Gates had carried out work in the Hall, putting a bar in to stop the projector moving.

10.Governance:Nothing to report.

11.Future Grants and Funding Bids: BD said that grants are constantly being submitted to organisations and that over the last twelve months
around £54,000 has been raised.

12.Volunteer Co Ordinator.BD discussed how Brenda Walker’s roll has developed over the last twelve months
and proposed to Trustees that her job title change from Volunteer Co Ordinator to Events Co Ordinator,this was agreed by Trustees

13.PR Marketing, New Bookings, Social Media
BD had been contacted by Cumbria County Council re children’s centre doing activities from DCA he would be meeting up with them
to discuss this further
Ian Maddox had recently met up with SOA Safety Group and shown them around the building.They were very impressed and had made some bookings.

14.Users Meeting: There would be another Users meeting in Spring.BD was considering DCA offering First Aid Training to all user groups

15.Date of next meeting Thursday 30th January 2020 at 5:30 pm