Dalton Community Association AGM Minutes

Minute of Dalton Community Association AGM 2018/19
Dalton Community Centre
Computer Suite
31st October 2019 6:15pm

Present : Barry Doughty(BD),Brian Ryninks,(BR)(by video link) Raymond Willock (RW), Ann Thurlow (AT), Ian Maddox (IM),
Val Robinson,(VR) Nick Perie (NP), Gareth Smith (GS) Ron Creer (RC) Patricia Wilson(PW)

Apologises: Deborah Brown,(DB) Sue Johnson(SJ) Steve Nott(ST), B Parrington (BP)

1.Chairmans Report The Chairman (BD ) gave his report, a copy of which is had been sent to Trustees prior to the meeting.
This report was accepted by the Trustees.

2.Treasurers Report The Treasurer (BR) had sent his financial report for the year ended 2019 to Trustees prior to the meeting.
This report was accepted by Trustees.

3.Audited Accounts year ended March 31st 2019 The Treasurer (BR) presented the accounts for year ended 31st March 2019 to the Trustees.
He had sent the audited accounts to Trustees prior to the meeting. He went through the accounts with Trustees,
having been accepted by the Trustees, the accounts were then tabled for signature by the Chair and the auditor.
The accounts would be updated onto the Charity Commission website

4.Minutes of AGM held November 2018: Prior to the meeting these had been circulated to Trustees and were accepted at the meeting as a true record.

5.Matters arising in the minutes There were no matters arising

6.Election of Chair for 2019/20: NP proposed Barry Doughty as Chair, this was seconded by GS and Barry Doughty was elected.

7.Election of Vice Chair 2019/20 :RC proposed that Val Robinson be Vice Chair , this was seconded by AT and accepted by Trustees.

8.Appointment of auditors : Barrow Borough Council were appointed as auditors for 2019/20.
The Treasurer proposed a vote of thanks to the auditors who audit the accounts for free, this was accepted by the Trustees.

9.Confirmation of registration and accounts to Charities Commission: This to be actioned before 31st December 2019

10.Meeting ended 6:45 pm