Dalton Community Association

Dalton Community Association AGM Minutes 2019-2020
Dalton Community Centre

Minutes of Dalton Community Association AGM Minutes 2019/20 25th February 2021 at 6:15 pm by Zoom

1)Attendance:S Nott, B Doughty, B Ryninks, V Robinson, S Johnson, N Perie, R Creer, D Ward, I Maddox, B Shirley, A Thurlow, G Smith,

The following Centre Users also attended the meeting
Kenny Brown - Army Cadets
Brenda Knight - U3A
Steve Jones - True Life Church
Jean Ashbury - Spiritualists
Marion Johnston - Rhythm Time

2)Apologies: R Willock, S Pyatt, D Brown,

3)Welcome The Chair, BD, welcomed Trustees and Centre Users to the AGM of the DCA.

4)Minutes of the AGM Meeting held on 31st October 2019
The Minutes were circulated to Trustees prior to the meeting. Trustees agreed it was a true record and accepted the Minutes as presented.

5)Matters Arising There were no matters arising

6)Chairman’s Annual Report 2019/20
The Chairman (BD) gave his report. A copy of the report was circulated to Trustees prior to the meeting.
The report was accepted by the Trustees

7)Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31st March 2020
The Treasurer (BR) had circulated his financial report for the year ended 2020 to Trustees prior to the meeting.
He went through the accounts with Trustees. The Accounts were approved by the Trustees.

8)Confirmation of Annual Return (Chairman’s Annual Report 2019/2020 and Audited Financial Statements for the year
ended 31st March 2020) to the Charities Commission
The Accounts were signed by the Chair and the Auditor and will be put on the Charity Commission website together with the Annual Report.

9)Changes to the Constitution
The Treasurer reported on the changes to the Constitution. The Constitution is reviewed every couple of years.
The recommended changes include:
Removing Junior members, below the age of 18 years.(3.b)
Removing the payment of subscriptions (4/5)
Reducing from 12 to a minimum of 7, representatives of the “area of benefit” (6 (b) and (c)
Term of Office – members of the Committee shall serve for a period of 3 years. Each year,
at least two vacancies will be considered at the AGM and new representatives elected.
These changes can only be made at an AGM and 2/3 of the Trustees need to agree on the changes – Approved unanimously

10)Matrix of Trustees and terms of office for re-election
A matrix was circulated prior to the meeting to all Trustees, outlining the terms of office for re-election.

11)Election of Trustees
RW, BD, SP, SJ and AT stood down as Trustees and were re-elected.

12)Election of Chairman for 2020/21 - Barry Doughty proposed by VR and seconded by BR

13)Election of Vice Chairman for 2020/21 - Val Robinson proposed by BD and seconded by IM

14)Election of Treasurer for 2020/21 - Brian Ryninks proposed by BD and seconded by DW.

15)Appointment of Auditors for 2020/21 - Barrow Borough Council were appointed as auditors.
The Treasurer prosed a vote of thanks to the auditors who audit the accounts for free. This was accepted by the Trustees.

16)Any Other Business
The Chair (BD) expressed his sincere thanks to Staff, Volunteers and Trustees for their time and commitment.
In particular, he thanked Trustees for good governance. BD then thanked the Treasurer for his commitment and hard work.

17)The meeting ended at 5.30