Dalton Community Association Chairmans Report

Dalton Community Association (DCA) AGM Report 2018/19 (Draft)

Dalton Community Centre (Drill Hall)


This Annual Report 2018/19 reflects the development of this last financial year and the vision for the next few years of this
Community facility based in Nelson Street, Dalton in Furness.

Much has been achieved at the centre this year which, continues to be a focal point for the Town of Dalton in Furness
and which is now able to offer many facilities and act as, a base for community activities.

We continue to be solvent as can be seen on the Charity Commission website. Minutes of all our meeting are uploaded
onto the Dalton Community Association Website for your perusal.

We raise all our funds locally through rent, donations and grants. We do not receive local council regular revenue grants
all monies raised is through our own endeavours.

As previously stated, much is achieved through voluntary help, both practically and through the management of the association
through the Trustees contribution in the governance of the organisation.

Our three part time members of staff contribute greatly to the management and running of the association.
All three are integral to the ambiance and efficient running of the building and the Association.
Their contribution is and should not be underestimated.
The same applies to our volunteers, some formally and some, who are always willing to help when and where needed.

We Trustees have had a series of disappointments this year in terms of grants and the building has suffered from the ingress of water.
I will dwell on the building aspects later in this report.

The centre still boasts users of between 4,000 and 5,000 people using the centre a month.

Established groups such as the Police, Army Cadet, Dance Tazia and the Library service continue to use the centre as their base.
40/50 different groups and associations use the centre regularly.

Significant Events this year

   •Flat roof problems over the East Wing
   •The People’s Lottery
   •Heritage Lottery fund Project
   •Reinstatement of Dalton Youthy
   •Nomination for the South Cumbrian Community Award
   •Luncheon clubs in partnership with Age UK and Dowdales School
   •Benefits of the Solar Panels!
   •Loss of valued Trustees
   •Gain of New Trustees
   •Development of the Volunteer ‘pool’ administration and policies
   •Renewal and appraisals of our policies
   •Active and positive assertion of our Fire procedure including risk assessment notices and fire alarm testing
   •Creation of a new storage area and better use of existing storage
   •Continual building maintenance tasks
   •Meeting with user groups regarding H&S issues.
   •Investment of funds which have been sitting in our current account and banking issues.
   •Heritage Lottery Grant HLF
   •Other Grant applications on going.

Flat roof problems over the East Wing

Earlier this year having monitored the flat roof over the East Wing for some time we suffered an ingress of water
and eventually the plastered ceiling in the East Wing collapsed. We were able to get temporary repairs carried out,
but it was obvious from investigation that there was a major problem with the whole of the flat roof area.
Approximately 120 square metres. It seemed that there were no expansion joints and the patching jobs that had been completed
over many years revealed that the boards laid were not adequate and did not have longevity or guarantee of the same.

We have secured funding of £14,750 from the former WREN (Landfill Tax) organisation now known as FCC Landfill Communities Fund.

The work will include installation of a Coxdome roof light in the corridor to East Wing a task we have held in abeyance for some time.

When the work is completed it will conform to current trade standards, will be carried out by qualified and certificated contractors
and will include a 20-year guarantee. The work will take place during December.

The People’s Lottery

We were selected and asked by the National Lottery to make a bid for £48K for their annual distribution to projects.
We were one of five projects in the North West chosen and we had to attend a day’s training session in Media city Salford.
The training revolved around selling the project using social media as well as other channels of communication,
and what the money might be used for. Much centred around use of social media as the selection of the three recipients
depended upon votes using social media. The trustees worked well to gain profile within the area and many lessons were learnt
in the process.

Unfortunately, we were not successful and through the evaluation process I highlighted the target group for those that use the centre
would have preferred cards for the voting process. This has been accepted, in view of those gaining most social media posts were
from the large conurbation areas.

In the final analysis the lottery gave us £5K which, is being used to extend the role of the volunteer coordinator
and for a Dalton Youth Club (Dalton Youthy) Gardening project in the outside area and back lane alley gated area.

Heritage Lottery fund Project

Through a generous grant of £10.3K from the Heritage Lottery fund this year has seen the development of the historical concept
of the Centre entitled from ‘Drill Hall to Centre for all’ 1928 – to present day. The project includes a Mural, a book,
a web site and drama. This project will conclude nearer the end of the year with the launch of the book and presentation evening.
It will include a series of postcards of the murals and a drama production.
The project has created a lot of interest and we think that this will be ongoing as it become more well-known and more residents
contribute where gaps in the history have emerged.
This project has also highlighted the way in which it brings groups togethers both as individuals and as part of a wider group.
It is important that local history is recorded and achieved as this project has highlighted the lack of a historical perspective
of and important and well-loved building.

Dalton Youthy

This year has seen the revival of the Dalton youth provision. An active group previously had waned as participant moved on to college,
work and other avenues. The LGBGT group now meet in Barrow and are part of a larger group.
Progress is steady and money from the People’s Lottery is helping with staff provision although a new application for a three-year project
is being sought from Francis C Scott Trust. The decision will not be known until mid-November.

South Cumbria Community Awards

The association has been nominated and is one of three community projects that will be attending the awards evening
at the Abbey House Hotel Barrow on 10th October 2019. This is a new and prestigious award and being named as one of the three nominations
is an amazing accolade. We await the final verdict.

Partnership with Dowdales School and Age UK Luncheon clubs.

The above luncheon clubs have continued this past year although through internal changes taking place with Age UK
the financial burden has stayed with DCA.
We hope to secure further funding from the Cooperative Shops organisation and Cumberland Building Society.
In the meantime, it is just the cost of the food that DCA is funding until further resources are forthcoming.
The luncheon clubs are well received by the participants and until now there has not been a charge however,
we have discussed with the participants who have agreed to give a donation for each lunch
and we can build a small fund up for when funding becomes more difficult in the future.

Solar Panels

The success of the solar panels is amazing with a reduction in fuel bills and we have received three payments
from the governments tariff monitors to the tune of approximately £500 so far this year.
We continue to generate electricity and in less than a year we have to date created 9,760 kWh of electricity
and our carbon footprint has reduced by 5560 kg of CO2 emission.
As a rough guide that is the equivalent of a car travelling around the world 1 ¼ times or,
the equivalent of a 120-year-old Oak tree absorbing CO2 gases. And the saving is the equivalent of making 230,000 cups of tea.


During the past year sadly, we have two resignations, both of whom felt because of other commitments
they were unable to continue as trustees. One trustee had been here since the beginning of this recent project
and was Vice chairman throughout this period apart from one year.
We welcomed a young trustee Bailey Parrington a local resident who has used many of the facilities and activities as a young person.
We do not have a representative of Cumbria County Council on the board of Trustees which is disappointing
in view of the Counties contributions to the Association and the fact that the building was once owned by them
and was handed over to us through a Community Asset Transfer.
The remaining trustees offer great support to the governance of the association.


Linked to the governance comments above, during the year the vice chair has looked at all our policies which have all now been reviewed.
Each Trustee will receive a pen drive with all the policies. Some of these policies will be put on our website for access by the public.

Fire regulations and H& Safety procedures

All the fire notices and fire escape instructions have been renewed and updated to conform to current standards.
Fire alarm testing will take place weekly and it is hoped trustees will help in carrying out this task and record accordingly.

User groups

An invite was sent out to all user groups inviting them to a meeting to discuss H & S Risk assessment and Fire safety procedures.
All user groups in future will be given instructions and help regarding our policies, their responsibilities and general H&S matters.
These meetings will take place annually in future and the relevant policies will be available in the reception area in hard copy.
Copies of relevant policies will also be available on the web site.

Storage facilities

We have created a new storage area off the main hall in what was the ‘light well’.
This has proved to be an excellent asset to the Association and makes storage of general equipment much more convenient for users.
This extra storage helps with our own storage areas which can now be managed more efficiently.

Building Maintenance

As ever we continue to have a large maintenance task list which, Ian, Dave and I tackle as and when possible.
Further help would be welcome, and we are seeking further volunteers such as a ‘Handy person’ who may like to offer their services.
The bigger jobs of course are carried out by professional tradespersons and there have been many tasks completed throughout the year
such as replacement lighting, fire alarm installation, repairs to the flat roof, some flooding and plumbing repairs,
computer repairs, creation of a new office upstairs in the Kings Own Suite.
Replacement Window in the Army Cadets quartermasters store to name just a few.

Investment/management of funds

We welcome the initiative of the Treasurer who is seeking appropriate ways to invest/deposit some of our funds through the
Community Aid Foundation (CAF) to show prudence in the management of our funds.
The building was revalued this year by a local estate agent who has valued the building at £375K which is a £25K increase
on previous figure.


Several grant applications are either in the process or have been granted this year and they are as follows:-
Dalton Town Council £1430 contribution toward third part funding to FCC Landfill Communities Fund
Cumbria County Council Neighbourhood fund £1,500 towards IT training for older people
The Hadfield Trust £1,800 towards IT training for older people
FCC Landfill Community Fund £14.75K for flat roof replacement and Roof light in the corridor.
Cooperative society Community Fund £2,000 towards Luncheon clubs
Cumberland Building Society Community Fund £4,500 towards a three-year project for luncheon clubs
Francis C Scott £10.5K towards a two year project for Youth provision in conjunction with Drop Zone
including intergenerational activities and creation of a Community Garden
With grateful thanks we have received a large TV from a local trader.
This is the second time this has been done and is now installed in the East Wing.


Having achieved so much over the past twelve years I and the Trustees wish to continue to build up a reservoir of volunteers.
We have increased our social media profile which has and is having an impact with a wider audience.

Present Users

Army Cadets, Dance group (Dance Tazia) Cumbria County Council Library service 9am 7pm Monday- Friday
Various reading groups and activities for different ages, Cumbria Police - permanent office space with 24hour access
with some facilities to meet their needs Private birthday/party events for local residents,
Youth provision East wing now multi use for various groups, Spiritualist and healing group, University of the third Age (U3A),
Rhythm time - Early learning through music, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga, Baby, toddler and pre-schooler music and rhythm time,
Dalton Creatives (various activities) Furness Literature Festival Film Club every month, MIND Connecting Mums,
Parkinson’s and dementia self-help support groups Coffee mornings for various groups and for networking
Our web site and Facebook are well used and anyone looking at our calendar on the website cannot but be amazed at the
number of activities taking place each week and into the foreseeable future.

Vision Achievements and Plans

There are no major plans for this coming year apart from sustaining what we have already achieved,
and we need to sort out the flat roof over the East Wing.
With the work completed regarding the reduction of electricity use through the advent of solar panels and prudent management.
The replacement of lighting in the main hall will assist even more and is now a priority.
We would like to see the luncheon clubs more sustainable and cost effective and this with grants we will be able to carry out
this coming few years
The use of the computer suite is limited, and we will endeavour to ensure its use is increased and user friendly during this coming year.
We look forward to working with Furness Literature Festival for a series of exciting events taking place in November2019.


We continue to make sure this facility is available and up to a standard required for a functional community facility.
We try our best and indeed this has been recognised by organisation who wish to show their appreciation with the presentation of awards.
By the end of October 2019, we will have received visits from many individuals
but also the Chief Executives of the County Council and Barrow Borough Council.

Barry Doughty

Chairman Dalton Community Association

September 2019