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23rd February 2023 | Dalton Community Association Trustees Meeting

Minutes of the Trustee meeting held 5.30pm
Thursday 23rd February 2023
1) Vice Chair DW welcomed everybody and in particular Laura Eisenhower, who currently are doing research on the DCA’s Carbon Footprint.

V Robinson VR (Chair), D Ward (DW) (Vice Chair), B Ryninks (BR), Barry Doughty (BD) R. Willock (RW), S Nott (SN), J McGill (JM), Sue Johnson (SJ), Laura Eisenhower (LE), B Walker (BW).

2) Apologies: Ian Maddox (IM), Ann Thurlow (AT), Ben Shirley (BS), N Perie (NP)

3) Declaration of interests:
S Nott – Barrow Borough Council
Raymond Willock – Fairtrade

4) Minutes of the Meeting
The Minutes of the Meeting on 26th January, 2023 were circulated to trustees prior to the meeting. The minutes were approved by the trustees as a true record.

5) Matters arising not on the agenda
There were no matters arising that were not on the agenda.

6) Financial approval
Income banked for the month of February was £579.26 which were receipts for various activities within the centre. In February cheque numbers 3612 to 3616 were issued totalling £515.28. These payments were discussed and approved.

7) Financial Report
a. Monthly management accounts for January 2023 had been provided to trustees in advance of the meeting. BR reported that the month of January showed a small surplus of £337. To date the ten month’s accumulated surplus total is therefore £5,877 making the accumulated reserves totalling £57,757 compared to the reserves policy requirement for £34,000.

b. BR reported that a draft copy of the 2023/2024 budget was forwarded to Trustees prior to the meeting and was based on unrestricted income only. There is a small, budgeted deficit of just less than £5,000 compared to the current year results when income of £3,500 was taken from the end of the library lease and then in 2023/24 there will be an additional amount for the extra 5 hours for the Centre Manager. The restricted funds details will be included in the next draft of the budget. In response to a query from BD, BR confirmed that the increased rent from the Police had been included in the budget.
Action – BR
c. Dormant company – The year end was the 31st January. BR will bring the annual accounts for this to the meeting in April.
Action – BR
d. Online Banking – The application is still on going as there is some issues with signatures.
Action – BR
8) Building Works:
a. Fire Alarm Testing – There was a problem with the Fire alarm test, prior to the meeting, this will be checked out.
Action VR
b. Emergency Lighting – There was no report given in IM absence.
Action – IM
c. Hall Floor – See Grants Update.

d. Water Heaters in toilet – East Wing corridor – see grant updates.
Action – VR
e. Baywinds – No further reply from Baywinds on this. BR to contact BD
Action – BR & BD
f. Replace Lintels – See Grant updates.

g Army Cadets water leak – VR will speak to the trader as there is a query on their invoice. VR will report back at the next meeting.
Action -VR
9) User Groups and New Business
a. Dalton Youthy – SJ reported that they have altered the time of the youth club which is now 5pm – 7pm. This will be monitored to see if it helps bring in more children.

b Police Lease Agreement – DW reported that the Police Lease has now been signed by VR & IM

c. VR The new Friendship Group which was due to start on the 1st March and following posts on Facebook, we were contacted by the Community Church in Dalton advising us that it clashed with their regular Wednesday afternoon event. VR has now agreed with the library to combine the events which will be held at the Community Church. Discussions between the two groups could eventually result in in the sessions being held on a shared basis between the two venues.

d. Co-op – The Co-op’s Came to Talk event on the 4th February was attended by VR and JM. There were approximately 25 individuals present and good networking took place. As agreed previously, by the Board, no charge will be made.

e. Local Elections/Voting – No further information available. BD requested that SN contact Barrow Borough Council to enquire about the payment for this.
Action – SN

f. DACH has booked the Hall for the Dalton Celebration Day on the 10th June and invited the DCA to participate. This booking was initiated by Ron Creer. The DCA will not charge for the hall use, but would appreciate a donation.

10) Grants Updates
i) INS (NTS) – Water Heaters
VR proposed that this Item to be removed from the agenda due to no response from the funders. All agreed.

ii) Co-operative Funding – VR reported that, following an extremely helpful discussion with Phillipa Chadwick, she now has the necessary information to proceed with the purchasing of the equipment to the value of £2,500
Action – VR
iii) Barrow Borough Council
BBC has generously awarded the DCA £2,000 towards our utility bills and the provision of refreshments from their Cost of Living Support Grant. This funding will make a contribution towards refreshments and the increased cost of utilities. The social events will start soon on a Friday morning 10.00 – 11.30. She requested support from the Trustees.
Action VR
iv) Platinum Jubilee Village Hall Improvement Grant Fund.
The grant will contribute towards the proposals from the final report to be submitted by LE in the next two weeks, VR had a very informative discussion with ACT, who manages the scheme. It is to be noted by the Trustees that the grant will only contribute 20% of the project value and further funding to cover the remaining 80% will have to be applied for.
Action – VR
v) Energy Audit. Following a very useful meeting between VR, SJ and LE where the draft report was discussed, VR has asked for additional possible proposals, LE will present the draft report at the March meeting.
Action – LE
VR excused herself from the meeting shortly to attend another one meeting and so DW assumed the role as Chair.

vi) Sir John Fisher Foundation
DW reported that an application for £6,882.41 has been submitted towards the cost of the Hall Floor, the work to replace the lintels, adjust the tiles on the roof and repointing of the wall. This application has been acknowledged.
Action VR
vii) Hadfield Trust
DW reported that an application for the lintels, tiles and re-pointing of the wall is ready to go once the second quotation has been received.

viii) The Northern Small Community Grant – DW reported that an application for £950.00 has been forwarded and applicants will be notified by 3rd March if they have been successful. VR expressed her thanks to SN for making her aware of this fund.
Action – VR
11) Website development
In IM’s absence DW reported that all the minutes are now on the website. We are not aware of any issues that need addressing.

12) Update on Admin Job Description
The Job Description was discussed with BW and feedback had been received by VR from BR. An advert was displayed on the DCA Facebook page, Dalton Town Council office and Facebook page and the notice board in the Market Street Surgery. The closing date for applications was the 20th February. The CVS was unable to support the DCA on this occasion, due to a shortage of staff. An application for the position has been received this morning.
Action – VR/BW
13) A.O.B
a. Dowdales School has donated 6 CO² meters to the DCA for use where appropriate in the building. VR has sent a thank you to Deborah Brown.

b. VR has done a review on the attendance of the Trustees at board meetings. There were two trustees that were highlighted as not attended for 8+ months. VR has sent an email to both trustees and has received a reply from GS tendering his resignation due to personal reasons. VR has replied and accepted his resignation and has also asked that he meet with VR to discuss the handover of the documentation regarding the testing of the defibrillator outside the Centre. No reply as yet. A thank you card and gift were approved. BD had spoken to Martin McLeavy who was happy to return as a trustee from 1st April 2023.
Action VR
c. VR has written to the new councillors of Westmorland and Furness Authority with an invitation for one of them to join the Board. Two have replied with a recommendation for one of them. Two have still to reply, and VR has asked for guidance from the Trustees. It was suggested by BD that we speak to the new authority to request that it make it an official duty for a councillor. SN will speak to Sam Plum. This was proposed by SN seconded by SJ.
Action SN
VR and BD left the meeting

d. DW reported that there had been and accident in the Mail Hall on the 13th February 23, where a lady from the Rummy Club had tried to put on of the larger tables away by herself and had a fall. An accident report form was completed, and she did accept that it was her fault and that she had been cautioned not to do so alone. An action was taken to put a Notice on the cupboard door requesting users not to handle tables on their own.
Action BW
e. LE reported that she had finished the draft report for the DCA Carbon Plan, together with suggestions on changing the gas boiler to electric or heat pumps, the roof to have wind turbines i.e covering lots of options for changing for changing to the boiler to electricity. The report will be updated in the next two weeks with costs and comments on the feasibility of each of the possible options, and the report will be available for the March meeting. DW thanked LE for all her work on this study/report.
Action – LE

14) Date and Time of Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be at 5.30pm on Thursday 30th March 2023, at the Centre.