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25th January 2024 | Dalton Community Association Trustees meeting

Minutes  of the Trustee meeting held 5.30pm

Thursday 25th January 2024

1)         VR ( Chair) Opened the meeting and welcomed all Trustees present


Attendance: Val Robinson (VR) Chair, Anthony Callister (AC) Vice Chair,

Barry Doughty (BD), John McGill (JM) Raymond Willox (RW) Ann Thurlow (AT), Ian Maddox (IM), Claire Stainton (CS), Steve Nott (SN), Nick Perie (NP) Kathy Corn (KC), Brian Ryninks (BR)


2)           Apologies: Dave Ward (DW), Martin McLeavy (MM), Sue Johnson (SJ)


3)         Declaration of interests:

              Raymond Willox – Fairtrade, Ann Thurlow – Dalton Town Council, Anthony Callister – Westmorland and Furness Councillor, Nick Perie – Dalton Town Council


4)          Minutes of the Meeting

              The Minutes of the Meeting of the 30th of November 2023 were circulated to Trustees prior to the meeting. The minutes were approved by the Trustees as a true record other than 8d referring to carpet cleaning.  It was noted that the hall carpet had not been cleaned yet. (IM/AC)


5)          Matters Arising Not on the Agenda

              No matters arising.


6)         Financial approval

              KC informed income banked for the month of December was £1,102.44 which were payments for room hire, from 05/12/23 to 19/12/23. Cheque numbers 3670 to 3673 and Debit Card payment Z6 were issued for a variety of items, totalling £563.55  A total amount of £129.25 was spent from petty cash.  Payments were discussed and approved.


              Income banked for the month of January 2024 was £292.00 which were payments for room hire, from 21/12/23 to 16/01/24.  Cheque numbers 3674 to 3680 and a Debit Card Payment Z7 were issued for a variety of items, totalling £2,943.53.  A total amount of £50.00 was spent from petty cashPayments were discussed and approved.


7)           Financial Report

              BR had circulated the monthly management accounts for November and December 2023 to all trustees prior to the meeting. These showed that for the month of November, we had an unrestricted fund deficit of £332 giving an 8-month cumulative unrestricted surplus of £2,230. This resulted in unrestricted reserves of £63,257 against the reserve policy requirement of £34,000.


As far as restricted funds are concerned, in November there was a deficit of £150, giving an    8-month cumulative surplus of £730, leaving a total of unspent restricted funds of £7,692.


                   For the month of December, we had an unrestricted fund surplus of £14 giving a 9-month cumulative unrestricted surplus of £2,242. This resulted in unrestricted reserves of £63,272 against the reserve policy requirement of £34,000.


As far as restricted funds are concerned, in December there was a deficit of £210, giving a 9-month cumulative surplus of £520, leaving a total of unspent restricted funds of £7,482.


  1. Online Banking – BR gave an update on the current situation regarding online banking. Natwest requested the updating of details on the Charity Commission, once this was completed the application ‘timed-out’ and a the process had to start all over again.  This application was submitted by the end of December and Trustees have now received notification from Natwest to sign the application.  KC will assist RW with uploading his signature. BR to ask NatWest to provide a current status list of all the trustees who still need to sign the document

Action BR/All Trustees


  1. Renewal of Contracts

i              BR informed that our Insurance including Employers Liability Insurance had been renewed at a cost of £2,069.03 an increase of around £200.  BR would like all to consider and so will provide details to all trustees, so all are aware of what is insured. He will come back with those details to the next board meeting.

Action – BR

ii             Telephone and Internet –  BR circulated a paper to all Trustees giving the background on the current contracts that need to be renewed i.e. Daisy  There is an overall wish to move over to fibre broadband preferably through British Telecom.  BR proposed a move to BT.  This was approved by the Board.  

Action – BR

iii            BR has started consultation with British Gas in relation to gas and electricity.  The current contract will expire on the 16th April 2024.  The current rates are half the cost of those quoted in 2022.  The cost going forward will increase by approx. £2000. 


8)                    Building Works

  1. Fire Alarm Testing – Fire alarm testing has now moved to a weekly basis. Tests were completed weeks commencing 1st , 8th 15th and 22nd January 2024. KC informed FTS carried out their service on the 12/12/23. FTS informed that a new smoke detector in the disabled hall toilet is required and a new ‘call point 1’ was required. The quote for this was presented to trustees for approval. KC to arrange for works to be carried out at a total cost of £312.00

Action – KC                                                                                                       

  1. Hall Floor VR to speak with DW regarding any updates / progress

            Action – VR/DW 


  1. Flat Roof Replacement – IM informed that the downpipe and gutters had been cleared, however, the inside wall next to door does not seem to be drying out. VR to contact a builder to ask him to return to investigate, with the possibility of re-bedding the coping stones.                                                       Action – VR


  1. Lights in IT RoomIM informed that he had arranged for the electrician ‘Forrest Electrical to replace faulty lights in the computer room.

                            Action – IM

  1. Tap in East WingIM informed that he had arranged for the tap in the east wing children’s toilet to be tightened. This could be done on the next clean-up day.

       Action – VR

  1. Family ActionVR informed that Family Action’s H&S Officer did an assessment on the rooms being used, and provided a list of items that needs attention. There is also a request for a Legionella Risk assessment of the site, a copy of the annual gas safety certificate and copy of the 5-year fixed wire test.   TC proposed that the work be carried out as soon as possible.  VR to investigate and arrange for the work to be carried out.

Action VR                                                                                                                       

9)                  User Groups and New Business


  1. Dalton Youthy – No update
  2. Childrens Parties KC informed that we had had only one Childrens Party since last meeting.


  1. c. Suicide Prevention Training – AC informed that the first session will be held in the computer room on the 31st of January. AC informed trustees that he will be attending this session.


  1. Dalton Retreat – VR informed that The Retreat Café had started a twelve-week trial period from the 8th January on Monday afternoons in the East Wing, to help local residents combat loneliness.


  1. Family Hubs – The Family Hub will be launched on Friday the 16th February at The DCA Community Centre


  1. Dalton Town Council – Volunteer Open Day to be held at the DCA Community Centre on 27th of January 24


  1. Westmorland & Furness Council – Polling Day to be held at the DCA Community Centre on the 2nd of May 2024. WMFC Booking form completed and returned.


10)                  Energy Issues

See Item 7 b iii


11)                  IT RoomIM informed that a number of computers have now been removed and were ready to be recycled. VR to look for an organisation that would be willing to take them.   All the old chairs have also been taken away.

Action – VR


12)                  Sensory Room – KC informed an email had been sent to Ben Shirley, councillor, asking if a decision to award us funding had been made. CS to help VR with the sourcing of equipment, cleaning & ideas going forward.

                 Action – KC


13)                  Website – IM informed that the website, calendar & CPT graphic went down and Barry Anderson, Computer Services was called to fix.  All now up & running.


14)                  Governance – Polices for Review

                        VR circulated the Discrimination & Harassment Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Complaints Procedure & Confidentiality Policy to all trustees prior to the meeting and asked all trustees for their help and support with these. All trustees present said they had read through policies and no concerns were raised.


15)                  A.O. B

Cleaning Day – February 12th – 16th which is during the half term school holidays. VR asked IM to provide a list of jobs that need doing. VR to send out list and asked Trustees for their help.

Action – VR/Trustees

AT planted bulbs in the planters in the court yard.  VR expressed her thanks to AT for doing this and to Dalton Town Council for providing the bulbs.


IM mentioned that the Debit Card did not work when they went to pay for the new banner.  VR to check.  IM also pointed out that the kettle in the IT room is leaking and needs to be replaced.  AT informed that there is a spare kettle in the kitchen.

Action – VR

16)                    Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting, which will be at 5.30pm on Thursday 29th of February 2024, at the centre.