27th May 2021 | Dalton Community Association Trustees Meeting

1) Attendance:
B Doughty (Chair), B Ryninks, V Robinson, R Creer, A Thurlow, D Ward, Sue Johnson

R Willock, D Brown, G. Smith, Ian Maddox, S Nott, Nick Perie

2) Declaration of interests:
Ann Thurlow – Dalton Town Council
Barry Doughty – Dalton Borderlands Community Partnership

3) Minutes of the meeting:
held on zoom 29th April 2021. BR requested the following amendment:
1. Item 5 – Approvement of Payments – amend …… NI Contributions to PAYE
2. Item 15f – Financial Report – amend … these documents to the Board meetings on a monthly basis commencing in June.
3. Item 7 – Budget – amend to read …… BR pointed out that expenses will increase from £25k for the last two years to £367.8k next year.
Following the amendment of the above, the minutes were accepted as a true record.

4) Matters arising from the minutes: None

5) Approve payments
The following payments were approved: Drop Zone (£381.00), HMRC (£181.60), Bay Wind (£125.06), Terry Chemicals (£30.53),
Superior Windows (£1,630.00), Big Computers (£300.00 deposit and £3,135.00), Tythe Barn (£200.00) and FTS (81.60).
BD/BR to check if there was an overpayment of £200 to Superior Windows due to a deposit paid when the order was placed.
A further payment of £2000.00 was made to Signal Films which did not appear on to be on the list. – Approved
Action – BD/BR

6) Financial Report:
April Accounts: BR reported that April signalled the start of a new financial year. The Management Accounts show a small surplus of £439.00.
Income consisted of a Furlough payment of £1,097.00 and when adding the £8,000 from a grant received from the Barrow Borough Council’s
Business Retention Scheme the monthly surplus ended at £8,439.
The Association’s bank accounts show a healthy balance at the 4th May of £74,726.81.
Budget 2021/22:. A revised budget was circulated to all Trustees, highlighting the changes from the previous version.
Unrestricted Funds are not materially affected by these changes and there is still a small surplus of £2,500.00.
The Trustees was asked to approve the budget tabled. – ALL APPROVED
Reserve Policy: A draft has been prepared but was still under review and so would be presented to the June meeting.

7) Building Works
Flat Roof – A quote to the sum of £2,700 was received for the flat roof over the Army Cadets Stores, corridor, and boiler house,
including some re-medial work on the flat roof covering of the Hall store cupboard and some pointing on the back wall.
This work will be allocated against the funds received from the Business Retention Scheme (£8k).
The work is due to start in four weeks’ time.
Awning – the area outside has been measured up. The awning will be electric, and access will also be available from the main Hall.
Cumbria County Council will pay for the awning and installation.

8) Staffing
PW and BW will return to the Centre on the 2nd of June. BD has accepted PW letter of resignation with an
additional one-month salary payment for July 2021. BW is happy to commence in the new role and handover between
PW and BW will take place during June.
BD informed that IM has developed a comprehensive (electronic) booking system

9) Return of Groups
Groups are starting to return to the Centre. The Spiritualists have asked for more space and Drop Zone will be back in the centre in June.

10) Feedback from visit of the High Sheriff – 26th May 2021:
BD received excellent feedback from the High Sheriff David Beeby and his partner Soo,
who were extremely impressed with the work carried out at the Centre.
BD shared with him the list of tasks carried out by Trustees on the 1st of May.
BD thanked all the Trustees for their help and support on the day.

11) Working Party morning of Saturday 1st May
BD thanked all the Trustees for helping on the 1st of May.They managed to do a great deal of work and the list is now much shorter.

12) Signal Films (Leaflet) NW Electricity grant progress
BD has now seen the draft leaflet which will be completed in June.
BD has also spoken to Bay Winds Trust.They informed him that solar panels will be installed on the flat roof at a 45-degree angle.

13) Dalton Borderland Community Partnership
Borderland Community Partnership is progressing with the DCA mentioned several times.

14) Grants
(a) Cumbria County Council – £2.5k towards another book ‘Reflections of Dalton. Expecting an outcome in June
(b) George Wood Trust – The outcome looks favourable
(c) Business Retention Scheme – No further grants due
(d) Co-op – Applications for light sensitive units specifically for children – £3,900.00 payable in two tranches
(e) Steel Charitable Trust – BD informed that this application has not yet been completed.

18) Any Other Business – None

19) Date and time for the next meeting: Please note the change of date and time – Thursday 1st July 2021 at 5.00 pm by Zoom
Zoom details to be forwarded nearer the time.