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29th February 2024 | Dalton Community Association Trustees Meeting

Minutes of the Trustee meeting held 5.30pm

Thursday 29th February 2024

1)         VR ( Chair) Opened the meeting and welcomed all Trustees present


Attendance: Val Robinson (VR) Chair, John McGill (JM) Raymond Willox (RW), Ian Maddox (IM), Claire Stainton (CS), Steve Nott (SN), Kathy Corn (KC), Brian Ryninks (BR), Dave Ward (DW)


2)           Apologies: Anthony Callister (AC) Vice Chair, Barry Doughty (BD), Sue Johnson (SJ), Ann Thurlow (AT), Nick Perie (NP)


              VR informed that Martin McLeavy has formally resigned as a Trustee with effect from the 22nd February 2024.  VR will send a card to Marting to thank him for his contributions and help over the last 12 months.


3)         Declaration of interests:

              Raymond Willox – Fairtrade,


4)          Minutes of the Meeting informed that she has not had any enquiries since the last

              The Minutes of the Meeting of the 25th of January 2024 were circulated to Trustees prior to the meeting. The minutes were approved by the Trustees as a true record.


5)          Matters Arising Not on the Agenda

              Faulty lights in the IT room have been replaced.

              Tap in the East Wing – The plumber has tightened the tap


6)         Financial approval

              KC informed income banked for the month of February was £1,353.38 which were payments for room hire from 30/01/22024 to 28/02/2024.  Cheque numbers 3681 to 3685 and Debit Card payments Z9 to Z13 were issued for a variety of items, totalling £1,489.60.  A total amount of £91.37 was spent from petty cash.  Payments were discussed and approved.


7)           Financial Report

              BR had circulated the monthly management accounts for January 2024 to all trustees prior to the meeting. These showed that for the month of January, we had an unrestricted fund surplus of £33 giving an 10-month cumulative unrestricted surplus of £2,274. This resulted in unrestricted reserves of £63,305 against the reserve policy requirement of £34,000.


As far as restricted funds are concerned, in January there was a deficit of £342 giving an    10-month cumulative surplus of £178, leaving a total of unspent restricted funds of £7,140.


VR mentioned that £38.00 paid from petty cash needs to be allocated to the restricted funds for the repair of the hall floor.

Action – BR

  1. Online Banking – BR thanked all trustees for their patience and determination with the arduous task to complete the required documentation. In particular many thanks to KC for the help and assistance she gave to all the trustees to complete the documentation.  Natwest has now manually allowed the application to proceed, following the electronic time-lapse. There now only remain two trustees to sign and BR will send by special delivery to VR the paper copy of the form for TC to sign, upon which the form can then be returned to Natwest for processing.

Action – BR


  1. Insurance – BR stated at the last meeting that he would distribute to trustees details of the renewed insurance. Looking at the information he realised that there are a number of things that he needs to discuss with VR before he could circulate a schedule to trustees highlighting the relevant details, however cover had been rolled over being the same as last year with minor inflation uplifts. 

Action – BR

  1. Telephone and Internet – BR referred to the board meeting in January where trustees agreed to change provision of telephone and internet services to British Telecom.  BR since then tried to get in touch with the BT salesman who had confirmed that full fibre is available now, but without any success.  BR had checked on the Open Reach website for the availability of fibre at this address to find that it was not available.  BR then received a telephone call from YouFibre who informed that they have a ‘private’ fibre network.  BR informed that he still proposes for the organisation to go with BT even though there is no fibre provision yet.  VR stated that Utility Warehouse has been her provider over many years and that she found them very competitive.  She will find out from them if they would provide services to businesses and inform BR.  Trustees agreed to BR’s proposal

Action – BR/VR

  1. Energy Issues – BR circulated prior to the meeting a paper giving some comparative rates from three energy providers. The paper gives a detailed breakdown of the different rates.  The main issue that first needs to be discussed is the term of the contract i.e. one, two or three years.  There are many issues to consider such as the current and future price rises and the change to alternative energy, following the survey carried out last year.  BR proposed a term of two years to give sufficient time to look at the alternative energy issue.  Trustees agreed to a two year term contract with British Gas who is the most competitive provider.

Action –  BR

  1. Budget 2024/5 – BR had commenced a draft budget but it was not sufficiently complete for VR to review. A draft would be presented to the March meeting.

Action – BR

  1. Building Works
  2. Hall Floor – IM and DW did some sterling work on replacing two sections of the hall floor. There is still a considerable area that needs to be replaced.  DW and IM informed that they are unable to continue to do this work.  VR thanked both for the effort they have put in during the cleaning week.  DCA will now have to look for a builder to carry out the remaining repair work.

Action – VR

  1. Flat Roof Replacement – VR informed that she contacted the builder who came and looked at the damp in the corridor at the boiler room. He pointed out that the pointing above the lintel and surrounding area that was not repointed last year requires urgent attention.  At very short notice they come one afternoon and completed the repointing the same day.  Having looked at the area now, you can see the wall is slowly drying out.  The wettest part now being the bottom part of the wall.


  1. Water Heater in Kitchen – During clean-up week VR discovered that the water heater in the kitchen is not working. The electrician came and replaced the fuse.  He will return after Easter to hard-wire the system into a socket.


  1. User Groups and New Business
  2. Dalton Youthy – No Update


  1. Childrens Parties – KC informed that she has not had any enquiries since the last meeting. There is a party booked for March and June.  VR stated that she believes the cost of the living crisis has had an impact on families.
  2. Family Action – Following their request for a variety of evidence regarding H&S etc. VR can now report that we are progressing, albeit slow, to gather the evidence required. We have the evidence of the fire alarm testing; the Gas Safety Certificate has arrived and the fire drill reports we have in hand.  The only two outstanding issues are the Legionella

Survey and the Fixed Wire Test.  Airborne Environmental Consultants visited the centre last week and since then has submitted a comprehensive quotation for the sum of £581.44 plus VAT.  VT has instructed them to carry out the work and we are currently awaiting a date when they will attend.

Action – VR

  1. Dalton Retreat – VR informed that The Retreat Café had started a twelve-week trial period on the 8th January on Monday afternoons in the East Wing, to help local residents combat loneliness. We have been informed that they are suspending the service until further notice.  VR has asked KC to invoice them for the two days they attended.  

Action – KC

  1. Family Hubs – The Family Hub launched their service on Friday the 16th February at Centre. It was a very successful event with over 100 people and families attending.  14 different organisations displayed their services.  Currently they are not paying for any rooms, but we are to benefit through them providing funding for capital costs.  VR received an email in which they informed that they will be paying for a TV to be installed in the King’s Own, for the use of the Youth Club. For the TV to be installed VR asked trustees for help to move the whiteboard currently on the wall and painting the wall in readiness for the installation of the TV.  JM is prepared to help but he will need some support.  DW offered to help.  VR thanked JM and DW for their help

            Action JM/DW

10)      Energy Issues – See item 7d


11)      IT Room – all the computers in the IT are to be removed.  VR to find out if any charitable organisation would be interested in taking the items.

Action – VR

12)      Funding Applications – VR thanked CS for identifying ‘Screwfix’ as a grant provider for the sensory room to pay for any additional extras we may need.  An application has been submitted.     


13)      Sensory Room – We now have received a further £500 donation from a Westmorland & Furness Councillor.  This donation is over and above the donation we have received from Cllr Ben Shirley. 


14)      Website – No issues to report


15)      Governance

  1. Fire Alarm Testing

                   The fire alarm testing is carried out weekly from the different zones.


  1. Polices for Review

       VR circulated the Health and Safety Procedures Borrowing Policy, COSHH, Email and Internet Policy. All trustees present said they had read through policies and no concerns were raised.


16)      A.O. B

  1. Cleaning Day – VR stated that she felt the clean-up week had been very successful. Quite a lot of painting has been done, the kitchens and toilets in particular were properly cleaned. There remains quite a lot still to  be done, mainly painting, but this will have to be done during periods when the centre can be accessed without the users being present with the reception the main area for painting.  The library has ordered new furniture for the reception area. She also asked for help to clear all the dead plants from the court yard.  She also has to order the plants to be planted in the court yard and TC will clean the area with the jet-spray.

Action – VR/Trustees

  1. Lift

During negotiations with the Family Hub, it became evident that the lack of access to the King’s Own area, would cause some difficulties, in particular for families with small babies.  I have mentioned in the past that once the Sensory room is available, we will face some challenges as regards access for the disabled.  The Family Hub has indicated as previously mentioned that they would make a contribution towards capital costs, and they specifically mentioned the installation of a lift.  They have not yet committed to a specific amount, but it is clear that they have a time limit on spending their capital budget by the end of September 2024.  It is impossible to progress a project such as the lift within a timespan of 6 months.  VR asked trustees to give their view on this particular project – is this a project we need to consider; do we need a lift or are there more important issues that need addressing.  SN said that it is a long-term project that will give the centre more credibility.  It is impossible to tell at this point what the cost would be, as much investigation needs to be done.  VR will discuss with BD to gain more background information. VR will also discuss with the Family Hub and enquire if any of the investigative actions will be eligible under the ‘capital’ costs.  She will also contact the Architect to gain more background information.

Action – VR

17)       Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting, which will be held on Thursday 28th of March

2024, at 5.30 at the centre.