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29th June 2023 | Dalton Community Association Trustees Meeting

VR Opened the meeting and welcomed all Trustees present.



Val Robinson VR (Chair), Dave Ward (DW) (Vice Chair), Barry Doughty (BD), Raymond Willock (RW), John McGill (JM), Ian Maddox (IM), Sue Johnson (SJ), Ann Thurlow (AT), Nick Perie (NP), Steve Nott (SK), Martin McLeavy (MM)


2)           Apologies:  Anthony Callister (AC), Brian Ryninks (BR), Kathy Corn (KC)


3)         Declaration of interests:

              Raymond Willock – Fairtrade, Ann Thurlow – Dalton Town Council, Nick Perie – Dalton Council


4)          Minutes of the Meeting

              The Minutes of the Meeting of the 25th May 2023 were circulated to Trustees prior to the meeting. The minutes were approved by the trustees as a true record. (AT/BD)


5)          Matters Arising

              All matters arising will be dealt with on the agenda.


6)           Financial approval

              Income banked for the month of June was £2,556.27 which were payments for room hire, children’s party, a donation, fundraiser and a payment for the feed in tariff. From 10/05/23 to 27/06/23 cheque numbers 3639 to 3645 were issued for a variety of items, totalling £7,321.07.  There were also several debit card payments in May totalling £2,571.87 for a variety of items.  Payments were discussed and approved.


7)           Financial Report

              VR informed that BR had circulated the financials to all trustees prior to the meeting.


  1. For the month of May, we had an unrestricted fund deficit of £1,188, giving a two-month cumulative unrestricted deficit of £798.  This resulted in unrestricted reserves of £60,484 against the reserve policy requirement of £34,000.


  1. As far as restricted funds are concerned, in May there was a surplus of £2,487 giving a two-month cumulative deficit of £2,349, leaving a total of restricted funds of £2,349 resulting in a total of restricted funds held at the end of this month of £9,311.


  1. Online Banking – BD raised the issue regarding the difficulty encountered by trustees to provide the documentation required by NatWest for online banking.


8)        Building Works:

  1. Fire Alarm Testing – VR, JM, IM & AT completed the test before the meeting. The date of the next test will be on the 27th July 2023

Action -Trustees

  1. FTS Inspection – The inspection was carried out by FTS on the 8th
  2. Hall Floor – See Sir John Fisher Foundation under 10b.


  1. Water Heaters in toilet – The water heaters have been installed, however the final report for the grant received from Cumbria Community Foundation was still outstanding. Following the submission of the report, CCF acknowledged receipt of the report, and responded that the grant is now closed.


  1. Baywinds – BD reported that he spoken to Baywind and is currently awaiting a copy of the contract.


  1. Repairs to the back of the buildingVR reported that all the work has now been completed satisfactorily. She praised the way in which the builders carried out the work. They have also now returned the key they held for the gates at the back of the building.   VR has received the invoice.  The amount is higher than the quote provided, but that is due to the extra work they had to carry out to make the flat roof above the Army Cadet’s storeroom watertight.   However, the repairs they carried out will only be temporary, and the whole flat roof will have to be replaced next year.  VR currently awaits a quote, which will enable her to apply for some grant funding toward the cost of this repair. The Board approved the increased costs.


9)         User Groups and New Business

  1. Dalton Youthy – SJ informed that the youth club were inundated last Tuesday. SJ provided IM with information on youth activities in summer, which will be shared on the DCA Facebook page.

Action – IM

  1. User Group MeetingsVR reported a user group meeting will take place on the 11th September. All users of the building will be invited.  This is an opportunity to get feedback from the users as to their view on how we can accommodate their wishes and most of all improve the service we provide.
  2. Dalton Heritage GroupVR informed that due to the availability of rooms during the week, the DCA could only offer a Friday evening which was not suitable for them. They declined our offer.
  3. Dalton DayVR informed that the day went well. There was a steady stream of visitors to the Centre to the Vintage Fair.  Walking through town, the event was well supported.  DACH made a £50.00 donation toward the cost of the hire of the hall.                                                                                                                            

10)                 Grants Updates

  1. Cooperative – VR reported that only one item of the sensory lighting remain outstanding and will be delivered at the end of August. VR/KC still need to develop a hire document with Terms and Conditions.   An application has been submitted to the Coop Community Fund for funding towards the cost of replacing the hand driers in the toilets with 5 new ecofriendly driers.   VR did check with Claire Stainton who confirmed receipt of the documentation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Action-VR/KC                                                                                                    
  2. Sir John Fisher Foundation – VR confirmed that SJ has submitted an application to the Cumbria Community Foundation for a contribution of £1750.00 towards the repair costs of the hall floor. Work cannot start until the grant has been approved.  The application will be assessed on the 9th August. 

          VR also informed that the Furness Building Society has made a donation of £500 towards the cost of the repair of the floor.  In November 2022 the Billincoat Foundation also provided £500, which means that the total cost of the repair will be fully covered

          VR thanked SJ for her help and support.

  1. Youth Provision – VR informed that following the ongoing antisocial behaviour during school holidays and after school, she will be submitting an application to Cumbria Community Foundation. The grant will cover the cost of the wages of two ‘detached’ youth workers, providing activities for 2 days a week (3 hours) during the summer, autumn, and spring half term breaks.   

Action – VR

11)                  Energy Audit

At the Board meeting in May VR was tasked to find out the following:

  • Does the DCA have a maintenance contract on the gas boilers;
  • If the answer is now, can the DCA obtain a contract;
  • What would the cost be to replace the electronic board relating to the on/off control of the heating system in the various rooms.

VR informed that the DCA do not have a maintenance plan and there was an element of uncertainty if British Gas could provide one.

VR contacted Mike Grant, who installed the gas boilers who had a look round and will return on Friday, bringing with him an engineer of Furness Heating who is an expert on alternative energy.  It also became evident during the meeting that the boilers have not been serviced since 2017.  VR asked Mike Grant to carry out the service.

Action – VR

12)                  IT Room

The review of the IT room has not progressed any further. There is very little demand for the use of the computers in the IT room and VR will report back to the Board at the next meeting.  SJ asked if some computers could be put in the King’s Own for the young people to use.

                                                                                                            Action – VR

13)                  Website

IM confirmed there are no issues with the website.


14)                  A.O. B

  1. Feed in Tariff (FIT) – VR confirmed that the DCA have received a cheque from British Gas for the amount of £1,709.47 following our claim in May. The next claim will be submitted in September 2023

                                                                                                                            Action – KC

  1. The RummiKub group approached VR to find out if it would be possible to purchase 6 Atlantic Square Poly Folding tables for them to use, as the large wooden tables are to heavy. They are quite willing to pay for 3 of the tables.  The cost per table is £62.00 plus VAT.  Trustees agreed to purchase 6 tables.

Action – VR

  1. IM reported that FTS carried out their maintenance on the fire extinguishers. Three extinguishers were ‘condemned’ and need replacing.  FTS will submit a report and an estimate on the cost to replace these.
  2. IM raised the issue regarding the broken hinge guard at the East Wing glass door which needs to be replaced. IM informed the cost to replace this item to be approx. £60.  The Board approved this.

          Action – VR

  1. VR informed the Board that she has pencilled in a ‘cleaning day’ for the 5th August. Most of the work to be done is painting work.  Cleaning of the kitchens will also be required.  Can trustees please confirm their support and help to do this.

Action – VR/Trustees

  1. VR highlighted an issue regarding the locking of doors. The door leading from the boiler room to the back yard, has been left open (as in not properly closed).  She asked all who may be locking up to please check that all doors are closed and locked.

Action – ALL

VR thanked all the Trustees for their ongoing help and support and closed the meeting.


15)         Date and Time of Next Meeting

              The next meeting will be at 5.30pm on Thursday 27th July 2023, at the centre.