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Annual General Meeting 2021/22 | 24th November 2022


Present : Val Robinson (VR) – Chair, Dave Ward (DW) – Vice Chair, Brian Ryninks,(BR) Barry Doughty (BD) Raymond Willock (RW), Ann Thurlow (AT), Ian Maddox (IM), Brenda Walker (BW), John McGill (JM)


  • VR welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting


  • Apologies:

Nick Perie (NP), Gareth Smith (GS), Sue Johnson (SJ), Steve Nott (SN), Ben Shirley (BS)


  • Minutes of AGM held 30th September 2021:

These were circulated to Trustees prior to the meeting. Trustees agreed it was a true record and accepted the Minutes as presented.


  • Matters arising in the Minutes

There were no matters arising


  • Chairman’s Annual Report:

A copy of the Chairman’s Annual Report was circulated to Trustees prior to the meeting. The Trustees accepted the Report.


  • Treasurers Report and presentation of Audited Accounts:

The Treasurer (BR) had sent his financial report for the year ended 31st March 2022 to Trustees prior to the meeting. He went through the accounts with Trustees.  The accounts were approved by the AGM.  BR added an additional thank you to the Barrow Borough Council Internal Audit Department for their support. The accounts were approved unanimously by the Trustees.


  • Constitution:

There were no constitutional issues.


  • Election of Trustees

All Trustees confirmed that they are happy to continue their role and were re-elected.


  • Election of Chair for 2022/23:

VR was re- elected and happy to continue as Chairman for the next 12 months.


  • Election of Vice Chair 2022/23:

DW was re-elected and happy to continue as Vice Chairman for the next 12 months.


  • Election of Treasurer 2022/2023: BR was re-elected as proposed by VR and seconded by BD.


  • Appointment of Auditors for 2021/22:

Barrow Borough Council were appointed as auditors for 2022/23. The Treasurer (BR) proposed a vote of thanks to the auditors who examined the accounts for free. This was confirmed by the Trustees.


  • Any Other Business


VR thanked all the Trustees for their continued support throughout the past year.


          VR gave a special thank you to IM for all his support and work at the centre.


VR expressed her sincere thanks to Staff, Volunteers and Trustees for their time and commitment. In particular, she thanked BR as Treasurer for his commitment and hard work.


          BR expressed thanks to VR from all the Trustees for all her hard work and commitment throughout the year.

The Meeting closed at 6:30 pm