Data Protection Policy

Use of Personal Data
The Dalton Community Association (DCA) acknowledges that it has a responsibility to ensure that personal data held
on the organisations’ database, comply with the Data Protection Laws. The organisation is committed to:-

•Ensuring that all steps are taken to collect, process, store and use members personal data in accordance
with Data Protection Laws, including the Guiding Principles and Data Privacy Statements.

•Providing all employees and volunteers with information and advice to ensure where they have a responsibility
for the handling of personal data, they do so in accordance with this policy statement.

•Establishing systems and procedures that will ensure the DCA can comply with this policy statement.

•Ensuring that when collecting personal data, the documents include, or make reference to the Data Privacy statement
i.e. whether the statement is included in full on documentation/forms or included in full
on the DCA website and referred to on documentation/forms.


DCA Data Privacy Statement
As part of the core DCA business to facilitate communication with volunteers and user groups of the ‘Drill Hall’
the need to collect personal information, to be used solely for the purpose of conducting core business activities are required.
These may include:
•Providing information and updates to funders

•Communicating key organizational messages and information to the local community

•Marketing of activities within the building

•Ongoing communication with organisations utilising the facilities of the DCA

This policy, and all related documents, will be reviewed by the DCA annually and any documents based upon it, should be re-validated.