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History of Dalton Community Centre

From Drill Hall to Centre For All

Dalton Community Centre originally started as an army drill hall and was built in 1928 as a training and headquarter base for the 4th Battalion of The Kings Own Royal Regiment for those deployed in the D-Day Landings and the Far East.

Since then the Drill Hall was used as a Territorial Army Centre, a Gymnasium and a Girls School Assembly Hall.

Unfortunately after much use the hall fell into disrepair and needed a lot of attention (and money) to bring the building back into a good state, Dalton Community Association eventually took lease of the building and worked hard with many local volunteers and companies to restore the building back to it’s former glory and give it a new lease of life at the heart of the community.

Watch our video on the history of Dalton Community Centre to find out the full story complete with images of the transformation.

Transformation of the Dalton Community Centre

Much work has been undertaken to transform the centre into a building that is fit for all, renovations have been undertaken on both the structural elements of the building as well as the rooms and facilities.

The building faced potential demolition before it was restored and rejuvenated  for use by the community and for the community.

Find out exactly what has been done by the Dalton Community Association by watching the video